Added Ancient Training Station, for ONLINE training:
- Training online have a high cost, but is extremely efficient. It is more efficient, for example, to makes to train online, comparing to buying and consuming mana pots.
- Every vocation advances your MAIN SKILL in a SIMILAR RATE. That means that Paladins with Distance 100 will advance the same amount as a Healer with Magic skill 100, in the same time.
- Supporters advances 50% faster comparing to non supporters in online training.
- Paladins advances distance faster. Mages and Healers advances Magic skill faster. Knighst advances Defense and Melee faster.
- Each room will training ONLY ONE SKILL. You can enter any room, by pay attention to your vocation...
- You need to be online to train. If you logout, your training will be interrupted.
- You cant use spells or drink potions while training online. You can move inside the room or chat.
- Only level 20+
- Every city has an access, usually near the Offline Training NPC
- You wont use arrows or pots to train online.
- You wont be kicked due to inactivity while traning online
- Online traing IS affected by SKILL BONUS EVENTS

New reward Outfits
New spells for Mage and Healer
Add yellow text to outfits and addons that you onw (Store Screen)
Add + sign to exp/h bar while you have Exp Boost Voucher active
Add Attack next target on weapon button click (supporter only, configurable)
Add config to change direction via weapon button
Add map zoom and hud transparency configs
Changed supporter name color and reverted hp bar color
Attacking other players will not advance your skills anymore (To reduce automation usage)

Rendering improvements
New look to Lunera
Map Fixes
Mob changes:
- More Elf Lords at Tundra Caves
- Vampire & Ripped Eye - Less paralyze
- Changed Guardians entrance to level 150
- Better loot for guardians and Hollows
- Hellview mobs loot, resistance and exp
- Added Bloodthirsty to Undertaker Task