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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most common questions and answers about the game. Every information here can be changed or be outdated, this may serve as a guide, and may not represent some settings, as they may change at any time.


Being request to login multiple times in a row is usually caused by incorrect date and time settings. Check your device configurations and enable Auto Configure Date and Time. Also check your timezone.
If when you type, you don't see the word, or sometimes it types the words twice, may be an incompatibility with your Keyboard app.
We recommend you using Google's Official Keyboard App, the GBoard. Use the following link to check the app:
Google GBoard Link
Your email account is managed by Google, so you must use Google Recover Methods to regain access to your account. Use the following link for more instructions:
Google Recover Lost Account
There are two server types in Lawl:
- Open PVP, where you can fight other players, using the skull system rules.
- Optional PVP, where you can only fight players if both opponents have War Mode enabled. So you only get in a fight with other players if you want to. Players from optional PVP can only change between Optional PVP Servers and Global Server.
The Global Server (Currently North America 1) is a server where everyone can go. You can change from and to this server from every other server, including Optional PVP Servers. This is an Open PVP server, so be careful.
You can always go to two servers: Your Home Server, and the Global Server.
To change your home server in an Open PVP Server, you must go to your Home Server and stay there for 7 days. If you change to Global Server during this time, you will have to wait 7 days more.
For Optional PVP servers, you can only change between Optional PVP Servers and the Global Server. There is no option to change back to Open PVP Server if you changed to an Optional PVP Server.


Market works server based. The offers you create will only be available in the server you created it.
Your offer stay active till someone accepts it, or the offer expires (7 days after the creation).
To see your active offer in the current server, use the "My Offers" button at the market screen.
When someone accepts an offer that you have created, you will only receive your part at your next login.
Always be careful with the price. Double check the price and amount of every offer you buy or sell.
Your offer stay active till someone accepts it, or the offer expires (7 days after the creation).


The status bar shows your frags based on your Skull and your War Mode.
If you exceed the daily, weekly or monthly frag limits, you will be marked with a Red Skull.
While marked with a Red Skull, you will see the limits to reach Black Skull, with is currently twice as the limit for Red. So, you are actually seeing the limits to reach Black Skull.
Depending on War Mode current settings, you may get some bonus frags.
Players marked with a Red Skull will drop their backpack and its content, also the gold from the Bounty System. Players marked with a Black skull will have the same penalty as Red Skull, plus drop one random item from the Inventory. A player marked with Black skull will receive the double of the damage, and will deal only half of the damage in other players.


Your PC is probably lacking OpenGL Support. Try installing Mesa.
Mesa WinGW download
1) Download file from link
2) Extract files
3) Run file systemwidedeploy.cmd
4) Choose option 1
5) Open client
Some keys are reserved by default to perform actions, even when the chat is off. The keys you bind may not work while chat is on, so F1~F8 keys are bound by default to emergencies. Other keys are also default, you can check it using "Menu - Options - Keymapping", "Show Default Keys" button.


If you still have any problem not described above, or if you need support, send an email to [email protected], providing a good description of your problem.