50% Exp and Skill Bonus Event

50% Exp and Skill Event 😄 (Till Sunday's server save 04/04)
During this event you will increase skills 50% faster and will receive 50% more experience from killing monsters. Have fun.

New Update

New Charging System:
- This system is character bound
- It is possible to enable/disable all via Menu - Stats - Charging
- Cooldown to check active charging (configurable)
- The time is consumed as you are in combat status (attacking, being attacked ou using spells)
- Training at Ancient Training Station does not reduce Charging time
- You can have 4 slots, with diferent Types. The requirements are described on NPC Charging Screen
- Lasts for 20 hours
- Chance and effectiveness are described on NPC Charging Screen

Vocation Balancing:
- Added Cursed bolts to NPCS
- Reduced Cooldown for Strong Arrow Storm Spell
- Paladins now can use Large Mana Potions
- Spell Strong heal is now a little stronger for Paladins
- Reduced Flare Bolt price, increased stack amount
- Add Strong Heal Target Spell (With only one target for now)
- Healers now heal 15% more life on self-healing spells compared to Mages (minor Heal, Heal, Strong Heal)
- Advanced mana potions now heals more mana and requires level 85

Exp Boost Voucher:
- Added option to share exp with every player online at the server. As may be at war, there is the option to disable it.
- Donating Boost time does not affect the price you pay, or the time you receive.
- By Donating Boost, every player online will receive 2 minutes of exp boost (up to 10 min max)
- Option to notify your name to everyone that receives the donation.
- This is a feature in test and we will be analizyng this impact. The options can be used as one may desire and are visible at the moment that you buy the voucher.
- Exp Boost - Your Exp Boost time will be deducted if you logout after combat (Similar to how Enery points work)

New Options:
- 3 Walking animation modes (I recommend Dynamic)
- Mark destination cell (Show square)
- Animate items on floor (Makes it easier to see small items)
- Show Active Charging on hud
- Use Dynamic Damage animation
- Use Fixed Touchpad (Left or Right)

Enchancements and changes:
- Aluna - Added loot to mobs, and NPC that buy that loot
- Add tokens to Axel Buy List (Only the first ones)
- Change the way to interact with objects and quests, now it is only possible to interact via click (dragging and arrow keys does not interact)
- Add purple hat as loot
- Removed Old Widower. This was not adding much to the gameplay, so now every npc pays the same price as him.
- Increased capacity for some backpacks
- New sprites for Gold and Platinum
- Several new creature product items
- Add more mobs to respawns Hollow, Demons, Giant Spiders, Token Hunt (Tundra)
- Add Orc Mage to Orcs Task, Elf Mage to Elf task
- Visual improvement of buttons and interface

- Fixed login and movement issues
- Fixed Change Direction and Attack Next Target with weapon button simultaneous
- Performance improvement, data usage, fps

Double Loot Event

Double Scarf Event 😄 (Till day 30 server save)
Any monster during this event will have the chance to drop more scarf (and other every other loot also). The loot of one monster is equivalent of killing two monsters.


Added Ancient Training Station, for ONLINE training:
- Training online have a high cost, but is extremely efficient. It is more efficient, for example, to makes to train online, comparing to buying and consuming mana pots.
- Every vocation advances your MAIN SKILL in a SIMILAR RATE. That means that Paladins with Distance 100 will advance the same amount as a Healer with Magic skill 100, in the same time.
- Supporters advances 50% faster comparing to non supporters in online training.
- Paladins advances distance faster. Mages and Healers advances Magic skill faster. Knighst advances Defense and Melee faster.
- Each room will training ONLY ONE SKILL. You can enter any room, by pay attention to your vocation...
- You need to be online to train. If you logout, your training will be interrupted.
- You cant use spells or drink potions while training online. You can move inside the room or chat.
- Only level 20+
- Every city has an access, usually near the Offline Training NPC
- You wont use arrows or pots to train online.
- You wont be kicked due to inactivity while traning online
- Online traing IS affected by SKILL BONUS EVENTS

New reward Outfits
New spells for Mage and Healer
Add yellow text to outfits and addons that you onw (Store Screen)
Add + sign to exp/h bar while you have Exp Boost Voucher active
Add Attack next target on weapon button click (supporter only, configurable)
Add config to change direction via weapon button
Add map zoom and hud transparency configs
Changed supporter name color and reverted hp bar color
Attacking other players will not advance your skills anymore (To reduce automation usage)

Rendering improvements
New look to Lunera
Map Fixes
Mob changes:
- More Elf Lords at Tundra Caves
- Vampire & Ripped Eye - Less paralyze
- Changed Guardians entrance to level 150
- Better loot for guardians and Hollows
- Hellview mobs loot, resistance and exp
- Added Bloodthirsty to Undertaker Task