Name Boss Monsters Req. Points
Banshee The Loud Lady Banshee 50
Bats Bat 0
Behemoths Behemah Behemoth 150
Black Spiders Black Widow Black Spider 0
Centaurs Yanedon Centaur, Centaur Striker 550
Cold Banshees Mighty Banshee Cold Banshee 10
Cyclops Cyclops Spellcaster Cyclops Mage, Mad Cyclops 10
Dark Dragons Dusk Dragon Dark Dragon 150
Demons Alraath Demon 150
Dry Dragons Fierce Bones Dry Dragon 150
Dwarf Mage Dwarvin Dwarf Mage 0
Earth Witches Morgana Earth Witch 150
Elf Lord Themiran Elf Lord 100
Elves Elf Eminent Elf Knight, Elf Mage 0
Energy Expertise Energy Extensive Energy Expertise 350
Explorers Discoverer Guardian, Explorer 100
Fire Facts Fire Finals Fire Facts 350
Frozen Minotaur Frozen Minotaur 0
Grim Reaper The Life Taker Grim Reaper 50
High Centaurs Tyreus Centaur Berserker, Centaur Deceiver 550
High Dragons Dusk Hydra Royal Dragon, Dark Hydra, Mystic Hydra 10
High Knowledge Life And Death Thesis Earth Education, Death Data 350
High Werewolves Pack Leader Lonefang Werewolf 50
Hollow Arisen Avenger Hollow 10
Ice Dragons Trimon Frozen Dragon, Frost Hydra 50
Ice Insights Ice Ideology Ice Insights 350
Ice Lords Akorun Turamak, Frost Demon 150
Ice Witches Wilma Ice Witch 150
Judges The Inquisitor The Jury, The Judge, The Executioner 250
Larvae Larva 0
Medusa Voracious Medusa Medusa 50
Minotaurs Minotaur Guardian Minotaur Vanguard, Minotaur Sentinel 10
Mummy Merimahtum Mummy 50
Munchers Schomp Munch, Muncher 250
Night Elf Twilight Elf Night Elf 100
Nomad Leaders Naomi Nomad Gatherer, Nomad Leader 150
Nomads Akahmi Nomad, Nomad Forager 50
Ominous Menace Incinerator, Ominous 100
Orcs Orc Warden Orc Assaulter, Orc Mage, Orc Rampage 0
Panther Silent Shadow Panther 150
Regular Cyclops Cyclops, Primal Cyclops, Cyclops Hunter 0
Regular Dragons Small Dragon, Dragon 0
Regular Dwarves Dwarf Warrior, Dwarf Lumberjack, Dwarf Combatant 0
Regular Elves Elf, Elf Patrol, Elf Vigilante 0
Regular Orcs Orc Soldier, Orc Paladin 0
Rhinos Pachyderm Rhino 150
Rotten The Observer Possessed Pumpkin, Ripped Eye 100
Sabertooth Apex Predator Sabertooth 150
Sand Masters Desert Warlock Sand Witch, Sand Djinn 250
Sand Wizard Dune Sand Wizard 250
Savages Thok Savage 100
Skeletons Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Demon Skeleton, Cold Skeleton 0
Slaughterers Carnage Slaughterer 250
Sorcerers Master Sorcerer Sorcerer 150
Spiders Red Widow Giant Spider, Glacial Spider 10
Thunder Dragons The Blast Thunder Dragon 50
Tigers Tygra Tiger 10
Tomb Guardians Crypt Guardian Tomb Guardian 150
Undeads Veteran Vampire Ghost, Vampire Apprentice 50
Undertaker Grave Digger Undertaker, Bloodthirsty 250
Vampires Dravenastus Vampire 50
Werewolves Pack Member Bloodlust Werewolf, Bitterpaw Werewolf, Eventooth Werewolf 10
Witches Agnes Witch 100